October 3, 2017

2017 AL All-Star team

The New York Yankees, Los Angeles Angels and Cleveland lead the American League All-Star team with three players each.
— Kevin Brewer

Catcher | Gary Sanchez, Yankees

First base | Eric Hosmer, Royals

2. Jose Abreu, White Sox

Second base | Jose Altuve, Astros

Third base | Jose Ramirez, Cleveland

Shortstop | Andrelton Simmons, Angels

2. Francisco Lindor, Cleveland

Left field | Justin Upton, Tigers-Angels

Center field | Mike Trout, Angels

Right field | Aaron Judge, Yankees

2. Mookie Betts, Red Sox

Designated hitter | Nelson Cruz, Mariners

Starting pitchers | 1. Corey Kluber, Cleveland

2. Chris Sale, Red Sox
3. Justin Verlander, Tigers-Astros
4. Carlos Carrasco, Cleveland
5. Luis Severino, Yankees

Reliever | Craig Kimbrel, Red Sox.

The Astros take home three awards.

Babe Ruth Award | Jose Altuve, Astros

2. Aaron Judge, Yankees
3. Mike Trout, Angels
4. Corey Kluber, Cleveland
5. Jose Ramirez, Cleveland

Walter Johnson Award | Corey Kluber, Cleveland

Pee Wee Reese Award | Justin Verlander, Astros

Connie Mack Award | A.J. Hinch, Astros

2. Terry Francona, Cleveland
3. Paul Molitor, Twins

Jackie Robinson Award | Aaron Judge, Yankees

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